Important Information

As this is a USAPL sanctioned event, athletes should be familiar with the USAPL rulebook and standards for each lift. There are verbal commands for each lift which must be followed for each successful lift. Click Here to download the USAPL Handbook.

  • All competitors must be USA Powerlifting members
  • All athletes must wear a singlet
  • All male competitors must wear briefs (underwear) – no boxers or compression shorts are allowed
  • Only knee sleeves (no knee wraps), belt and wrist wraps can be worn
  • Knee-high socks MUST be worn to deadlift
  • All competitors must wear a singlet on the platform
  • For safety reasons, thumbs must be around the bar in the bench press (no thumbless/false grip is allowed)

Get familiar with the referee's commands

Click on the images below to watch the videos

** Please note that this meet will only have state judges; athletes can set state records but not American records.

Remember that this is a volunteer-run fund-raiser, please encourage your friends and family to come and buy a T-shirt, and support our efforts. All checks for donations should be made out Friends of Dekalb Animals.